Free California Affidavit of Death - PDF Download

Updated on May 15, 2024

A California affidavit of death is a legal document written following the California state laws that state a death has occurred. The affidavit of death is used to notify courts, businesses, companies, and other places of someone’s death.  It however cannot be used in place of a death certificate even though some businesses accept it for closure of accounts.

Insurance companies and businesses the deceased owed debt need the affidavit.  It is also beneficial to the family members of the deceased as it allows them to close accounts, take over properties or receive benefits with ease.

The name of the affiant, the date of the execution, and their title concerning the estate in this matter. They can either be executor, administrator, survivor, or heir of the deceased.

The name of the decedent

Check the boxes on what the transfer or delivery entails. It may be:

  • Securities at the time of death
  • Real property at the time of death
  • Banks account at the financial institutions

The day the decedent died their residence address and their county. The decedent’s social security number should be filled in as well.

The next section briefly explains the decedent’s estate, debt, and funeral arrangement. It also shows that all the successors have been notified and there is a list attached showing the real property, securities, and bank accounts owned by the deceased.

Signature of the affiant.

Notary Acknowledgement

This section affirms that the details in the California affidavit of death are true.

  • State and county details
  • The day the affidavit is executed, and the person undersigned
  • Signature of the notary public
  • Name of the notary public
  • The day the commission of the notary public expires

The information given by the affiant on the California affidavit od death should be true and sworn under the oath.


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