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Requirements for registration of


California Penal Code section 27510 requires persons who want to purchase firearms to be of 21 years and above and possess a driver’s license or a state ID. The permanent residents should have identification and a 1-94 number. The resident aliens are supposed to show proof that they have stayed in California for 90 consecutive days for them to acquire a firearm.

It is important to note that:

  • All firearms purchases and transfers should be done through a California licensed dealer who is under the Dealer’s Record of Sale
  • There is a waiting period of ten days before the firearms are released to the buyers
  • A Handgun safety certificate that lasts for five years must be obtained
  • In California, gun owners are required to register with the state if they import handguns or own assault weapons.


The State of California requires that all vehicles be registered within 30 days after purchase with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Scheduling an appointment with the local DMV makes the registration process easier. The buyer and seller should have their names printed, the date of sale indicated, and the value of the vehicle. For cases where the vehicle is a gift, the relationship between the parties should be indicated.

The following are required:

  • Vehicle identification number
  • Vehicle make, model, year, and license number
  • A duly filled Application for Title or Registration Form REG 343
  • A validated smog certificate unless the previous owner had renewed it within the last 90 days for two years
  • Recent safety inspection
  • Proof of insurance


A boat that is either propelled by sail, motorized, or has a height of more than 8’ should be registered before it enters any water bodies. People relocating to California and bringing their boats are given 120 days to register the boats. (In their case, a California Bill of Sale is not required)

The following are required:

  • Vessel identification number
  • Vessel make, model, year, and CF number
  • Printed names of the buyer and seller, sales date, and worth of the boat
  • Completed application for registration number (Form BOAT 101)
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Certificate number for the undocumented vessel
  • Statement of Facts (Form REG 256)

In scenarios where the boat is a gift, the relationship between the two parties must be noted and the value of the boat indicated.