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Updated on May 15, 2024

The California Affidavit of Gift is a legal document used to formally acknowledge the transfer of a gift from one individual (the Donor) to another (the Donee). This affidavit serves as evidence of the transfer and includes detailed information about the donor, the donee, and the gift itself. It is often required for legal and tax purposes to document the gift transaction.

Why Use This California Affidavit of Gift?

This affidavit is essential because it:

  • Provides a formal record of the gift transfer.
  • Ensures compliance with legal requirements for documenting gifts.
  • Protects both the donor and the donee by clearly outlining the transfer details.

How to Write This California Affidavit of Gift

  1. Donor Information: Fill in the donor’s name, date of birth, address, social security number, and telephone number.
  2. Donee Information: Provide the donee’s name and address.
  3. Gift Description: Describe the gift being transferred, including any relevant details.
  4. Ownership Confirmation: Affirm that the donor is the sole owner of the gift and is transferring ownership to the donee.
  5. Signatures: Both the donor and the donee must sign and date the affidavit. A notary public must acknowledge the document.

California Laws

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this affidavit required for all gift transfers?

It is commonly required for significant gifts, especially for legal and tax purposes.

Do I need a notary for this affidavit?

Yes, a notary public must acknowledge the affidavit to make it legally binding.

Can the affidavit be used for any type of gift?

Yes, it can be used for various types of gifts, including money, property, or other valuable items.

What if the gift value exceeds a certain amount?

You may need to report the gift for tax purposes, so consult with a tax professional.

What happens if the donor or donee's information changes after the affidavit is signed?

Notify the relevant authorities and update the affidavit as needed.


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