Free California Affidavit of Residency PDF Template

Updated on November 2, 2021

The California Affidavit of Residency is a legally binding document that shows where the affiant resides. It is used to prove the residency of the person and should be notarized to ensure the statement and information therein is true.

The California affidavit of residency is used to prove residence as requested by the school, DMV, court, or any other institution in need of it.   Sometimes, proof of residence is needed in some districts to allow your child to attend a public school over there.

At the top, fill the county in which you reside in the state of California

Personal details:

The affiant undersigns and duly swears to affirm the following details:

  • Affiant’s name
  • Affiants date of birth
  • Affiant’s social security number
  • Affiant’s current residence and the county they reside

The next section entails the affiant to enter the period they have resided in that location in terms of months or years where appropriate.


This section entails the affiant to fill in details of people who can attest to their residency in the location at hand. They could be one to three people. They should include the name and the relationship to the affiant.

Any other additional information can be put in the section that follows.

Once the form is duly filled, the affiant puts their print name and signature.

Notary acknowledgment

  • State and County details
  • The date the affidavit is executed
  • The name of the undersigned (donor)
  • Signature of the notary public
  • Name of the notary public
  • The date when the commission of the notary public expires

A California affidavit of residency is important as it allows one to access services in various sectors. Lying on the affidavit of residency has harsh repercussions such as facing criminal charges for giving false information or your child getting withdrawn from school.