Free California General Personal Property Bill of Sale PDF Template

The California General Personal Property Bill of Sale is a legally binding document that records the transaction of personal property between parties (A buyer and a seller). The document acts as proof of a transaction and can be used in the future if the need arises.

The Bill of Sale follows outlined California state laws. It highlights the details of the property/items in question, the date the transaction was executed, and details of the involved parties.

How do you write a California General Personal Property Bill of Sale

The date of the transaction should be indicated on the top.

Parties’ details

  • Buyer’s name and mailing address
  • Seller’s name and mailing address

Personal property details

  • Description of the property
  • Serial number of the property if any

Purchase details of the item

This section requires details of the purchase of the property. It can either be:

  • Cash payments and details therein such as date of transactions and other details
  • Property is a gift
  • Sellers has accepted the trade of the personal property in exchange for something else

The next section highlights the buyer and seller disclosure. The seller affirms that the details given on the personal property are true while the buyer accepts the receipt of the property. Once the details are entered and the buyer and seller have read and understood their disclosures, they should enter both their print names, signatures, and the date of the transaction.

As much as witnesses and notaries are not required, having them can be helpful especially where authentication of the property is required.