Free California Mobile Home Truck Camper Bill of Sale PDF Template

The California Mobile Home Truck Camper Bill of Sale is given by California housing and community development. It is provided for the transaction of either mobile home/manufactured home, floating home. Commercial modular or truck camper. Once the parties involved have filled the statement of facts, the seller can sign completing the transaction of the subject item.

In the state of California, truck campers require no registration. They are viewed as recreational vehicles that are attached at the back of a pickup.  It is just like any other cargo and is not issued with a VIN by the California department of motor vehicles.

How do you write a California Mobile Home Truck Camper Bill of Sale

Description of unit

You tick where appropriate, either mobile home/manufactured home, commercial modular, floating home, or truck camper.

  • The decal (license) number of the unit
  • The trade name of the unit
  • The serial number of the unit

Statement of facts

  • Amount of money paid in dollars
  • The name of the buyer
  • The date of the transaction

Seller’s certification

The seller affirms to be the owner of the subject unit for the final execution of the transaction.  The seller fills:

  • Execution date
  • Signature of the seller and date
  • Address of the seller

Lienholder’s information

  • The name of the lienholder
  • The address of the lienholder

The state of California expects the users of a home truck campers to follow the required guidelines such as:

  • Been able to communicate with the driver
  • Having the camper exit be able to open from inside and outside
  • Seat belts and safety glass in the window adhered