Free California 14 Day-Notice-to-Quit (Domestic Violence) PDF Template

Updated on August 11, 2023

The California 14-Day Notice to quit (Domestic Violence) form is an essential legal instrument used in the state of California. It allows tenants who have been victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, or elder abuse to provide notice of their intention to terminate their tenancy within 14 days. This form recognizes the urgency and need for such victims to relocate for safety reasons.

Overview of the Form

  • Tenant Information (Page 1): This section records the tenant’s details, including their name and the address of the property they’re renting.
  • Notice Details (Page 1): In this section, the tenant officially informs the landlord of their intent to terminate the tenancy due to domestic violence or other related issues. The tenant also states their commitment to pay rent for the 14-day notice period.
  • Third-Party Statement (Page 2): This part is for a qualified third party, such as a counselor or healthcare provider, to validate the tenant’s claims. The third party must meet certain criteria as detailed in the form.
  • Signature of Tenant (Page 2): The tenant signs and dates the document, asserting the truth of their statement and intention to terminate the tenancy.
  • Signature of Qualified Party (Page 3): The qualified third party, validating the tenant’s claims, provides their signature and details, including their licensing information and the date of the incident(s).

How to Use

For tenants intending to use the California 14-Day Notice to Quit (Domestic Violence) Form, it’s essential to accurately complete all relevant sections. Provide your name, the address of the rental property, and details of the incident. If relying on a third-party verification, ensure that the third party is qualified as per the form’s criteria and that they provide all necessary details and signatures. Once completed, serve the notice to the landlord. It’s advisable to keep copies for your records and consider sending it via registered mail for proof of delivery.

When to Use

Tenants should use this form when they’ve been victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, or elder abuse and wish to terminate their tenancy for safety reasons. The form provides a legal avenue for such tenants to break their lease without penalties, ensuring they can prioritize their safety.

Relevant California Civil Code

The California 14-Day Notice to Quit (Domestic Violence) Form is governed by the California Civil Code. Specifically, sections like 1946.7 provide tenants who are victims of such incidents the right to terminate their tenancy without repercussions. However, tenants must provide specific documentation or verification to support their claims. Consulting the California Civil Code directly or seeking legal advice is recommended for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

California Laws

  • Civil Code 1946.7
  • Section 6211
  • Civil Code Section 1946.7
  • Section 236.1