Free California 14 Day-Notice-to-Quit (Domestic Violence) PDF Template

The California 14-day Notice to Quit is a legal document written by the tenant allowing them to terminate their lease agreement in case of stalking or domestic violence.  The notice is written in regards to Civil Code 1946.7. The tenant is responsible for rent that is due during the notice to vacate period whereas the landlord is supposed to retract the obligations under the lease terms after the notice period.

How do you write a California 14 Day-Notice-to-Quit (Domestic Violence)

Begin with

  • The date when the document is filled
  • The location of the premises and when the lease commenced

The letter should indicate that he or she is a victim of domestic violence as defined by:

  • Section 6211 of the Family Code
  • Sexual assault as defined in Section 261, 261.5, 262, 286, 287, or 289 of the Penal Code
  • Stalking as defined in Section 1708.7
  • Human trafficking as defined in Section 236.1 of the Penal Code
  • Abuse of an elder or a dependent adult as defined in Section 15610.07 of the Welfare and Institutions Code

Under that should be the signature of the tenant and the date.

Tenant Statement Qualified Third (3rd) Party Statement under Civil Code Section 1946.7

This should always be attached with the notice for further information.

Statement by the tenant

  • Name of the tenant
  • Indicate the incident (domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, human trafficking, elder abuse, or dependent adult abuse)
  • The date the incident happened
  • The name and physical descriptions of the person(s) who committed the incidents

The signature of the tenant and date

Qualified Third (3rd) Party Statement

This section is filled with individuals to whom domestic violence incidences are reported. They include:

  • Sexual assault counselor
  • Domestic violence counselor
  • Human trafficking caseworker
  • Physician
  • Osteopathic physician
  • Registered nurse
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Social worker
  • Marriage or family therapist
  • Clinical Counselor

The qualified third party should enter their name, their business address and phone number and their right fit section as required by the evidence code. They also should sign and indicate the date as well.


  • Civil Code 1946.7
  • Section 6211
  • Civil Code Section 1946.7
  • Section 236.1