Free California 3 Day Notice to Quit (Incurable) PDF Template

Updated on October 25, 2021

The California three-day notice to quit for residential and non-residential is a legal document that highlights a breach of a lease or rental agreement. The document is written in accordance to [Calif. Code of Civil Procedure §1161(4)] and cannot be rectified or performed. Once served with the notice, the tenant is expected to vacate the premises within three days.

Begin with the date the notice is filled.


  • The date of the rental agreement or expired lease agreement
  • Parties’ names: the tenant and the landlord
  • Real estate in reference


  • A list of the breached terms as per the lease or rental agreement

The next section explains to whom the possession of the premises is delivered and the legal proceedings to be taken failure to adhere to the notice.

As per Civil Code §1951.2. , the landlord reserves the right to pursue collection of any future rental losses after forfeiting the lease.

The notice must have the following information at the bottom:

  • Date it is entered
  • Landlord/agent’s name and signature
  • Contact information: phone number, address, email address, and fax.

It is important to understand that the landlord or agent can take legal actions against tenants who refuse to vacate the premises and deliver possession as highlighted in the notice.

California Laws

  • Calif. Code of Civil Procedure §1161(4)
  • Civil Code §1951.2