Free California 30 Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy PDF Template

The California thirty-day notice of termination of tenancy is issued to tenants who have been renting for less than a year. The document is written in regards to California Code 1946 and 1946.1. The purpose of the notice is to ask the tenant to leave the property or end the lease within the given time.

How do you write a California 30 Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy

Name of the residents (tenants and subtenants) and the location of the premises.

The section that follows highlights:

  • The termination effective date after service of the notice
  • Consequences of not vacating the premises upon the given time which is legal proceedings, legal costs and punitive award of $600 to the owner and forfeiture of the rental agreement
  • The Notice of Termination of Tenancy does not relieve you of payment of any financial obligation for rent owed until the actual date of termination of tenancy
  • The tenant can request for an initial inspection and be present. It should occur not earlier than two weeks before termination of the tenancy
  • A negative report can be submitted to the credit reporting agency if the tenant fails to fulfill their credit obligations

Proof of service

This section is filled by the server after the service on the resident is complete

  • The date when the notice is served

Mode of service notice which is either:

  • Delivering personally
  • Leaving a copy with a suitable age person at the residence and mailing a copy on the same day
  • Posting a copy in a place on the premises and mailing a copy on the same day

At the bottom are the date the notice was executed and the name and signature of the declarant.

The thirty-day notice of termination of the tenancy process is made easy with the help of an attorney. Getting one is necessary to ensure the notice is written according to the law is crucial. They can also come in handy in case of an eviction lawsuit.


  • California Code 1946
  • California Code 1946.1