Free California 60-Day Notice to Vacate PDF Template

The California 60-day notice to vacate is a legal document used by a residential landlord when seeking for the tenant to vacate the premises.  It is given when the tenant has resided in the premises for one year or more. The document is written following section [Calif. Civil Code § 1946.1] and [Calif. Civil Code §1950.5(f)].

How do you write a California 60-Day Notice to Vacate

On the top, details of the broker/agent, landlord, phone number, and email should be filled in.

The date, location, and name of the tenant.


  • The date of the rental agreement or expired lease agreement
  • Parties’ names: the tenant and the landlord
  • The name of the real estate in reference


  • Duration (60 days) before the termination of the tenancy
  • The date to vacate the premises and to whom delivery of possession of the premises is given
  • Monthly and prorated rent due
  • Landlord’s acknowledgment of security deposit and refunds as proposed by section [Calif. Civil Code §1950.5(f)]

The sections that follow explain in detail that the landlord can show the premises to prospective tenants having given the tenant notice at least 24 hours prior. It can be done in form of:

  • Given the notice to the tenant personally
  • Leaving a copy with an occupant of suitable age and discretion
  • Leaving the notice on or under your entry door

The tenant should arrange with the landlord or the agent to review the premises before they vacate.

The last section of the document indicates:

  • Reason for termination and the date
  • Landlord/agent name and DRE number
  • Signature
  • Address
  • Phone number, cell, and fax

The landlord should ensure they follow the right procedure as indicated within the law. The tenant should vacate the premises within the given time failure to which legal proceedings can be taken against them.


  • Calif. Civil Code § 1946.1
  • Calif. Civil Code §1950.5(f)